Inspection Services-During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

During Production Inspection (DUPRO)

What is a During Production Inspection?

The During Production Inspection (DUPRO or DPI), or In-line Product Inspection (IPI), checks semi-finished or finished goods part-way through the production process. Generally, this takes place when between 40% of your order has been produced and 20% export-packed.

Doing so improves your control over production and allows for timely correction of defects and improvements to quality.


  • Verify your order is on schedule
  • Ensure your products comply with the Golden Sample
  • Make adjustments early in the production cycle

Why choose Canacert?

  • Qualified inspectors with recognized skills in their specialized field will check the goods and conduct specific on-site testing and controls.
  • All inspectors sign our Code of Conduct and receive regular training in integrity issues.
  • An integrity pledge detailing company policy is signed by the Factory Representative before every inspection.

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How to request your Inspection

1.Send Us A Request

To get started, send us a request by using our online Quotation Form A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to your order and will contact you promptly.

2.Get Your Goods Inspected

Get your quotation and inspection date based on the selected service and Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) you specified. Complete, sign and submit our booking form for acceptance of the quotation. The inspection will be conducted as scheduled and agreed. Any change will be notified to you by your dedicated Account Manager.

3.Get Your Report Before Shipment

Get your report within one working day after the inspection has been conducted, leaving you time to allow or reject the shipment after review of the remarks and critical points mentioned in the report.

Sample Reports

Please click on the links below to see samples from our reports.

On-site test sample
Garments defect description sample
Furniture photo assembly sample
Furniture inspection checklist sample
Lighting chains inspection sample