Inspection Services-Social Audit (SA)

Social Audit (SA)

What is a Social Audit?

The purpose of the Social Audit is to verify the supplier’s compliance with both health & safety standards (such as SA8000, SCI, WRAP, ICTI, etc…) and local labor laws.

The Social Audit can determine whether:

  • Health & safety standards are complied with
  • Local labor laws are respected
  • Rights of association & collective bargaining are recognized
  • Discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment or abuse is present
  • Forced labor or child labor is practiced
  • Adequate compensation & benefits are provided
  • Environmental standards are respected


  • Protect your brand and reputation
  • Avoid unethical suppliers
  • Meet international standards
  • Avoid environmental malpractice

How to request your Audit

1.Send Us A Request

To get started, send us a request through our online Quotation Form. A dedicated Account Manager will be assigned to your order and will contact you promptly.

2.Get Your Factory Audited

Get your quotation and audit date based on your selected service. Complete, sign and submit our booking form for acceptance of the quotation. The audit will be conducted as scheduled and agreed. Any change will be notified to you by your dedicated Account Manager.

3.Get Your Report

Get your Report within two working days after the audit has been conducted, enabling you to approve or reject your supplier after review of all the facts and critical points mentioned in the report.